Thursday, September 17, 2009


wow the light and music will on when I kick the I know....
Yea...mummy...vish vish loves playing..lets play with me

Vish Vish loves playing with his fisher price bear rattle toy. "Kicking, Bobbing Gym" he kicks the ball bear will bob it head and music on. He also likes touch and grab 2 little crabs at right and left side. When he feel bored with little bear he will "scream" calling for mummy.... As I can see Vish Vish has potential to become football player as stricker...he can kick very hard......bijak baby mummy.....

This game help our baby experience the magic of cause and effect. As kicking actions result in motion and music, baby will start to realize the power of making things hapen. Here are the developmental benefits of Kicking Bobbing mommies and daddies don't be lokek to spend beneficial toys for ur little one...although it might expensive but worthy...

Encourages Developing Motor Skills
  • Exciting rewards motivate baby to kick, reach and sit up
  • Grasping and placing balls enhances eye hand coordination and fine motor skills
Stimulates the senses
  • Friendly bear, flashing lights and colourful moving balls offer visual stimulation
  • Fun music and sound stimulate auditory skills
Enhances Learning Through Discovery
  • Baby's actions make things happen, teaching about cause and effect
  • Encourages thinking skills as baby observes movement and anticipates surprises

ha this is my favourite rattle toy...

Mummy where are you...I feel bored playing alone....Eeeii Geram nyer...

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