Saturday, October 24, 2009


RM 45.00 (very affordable)
Caring for your Child's Health from Day One
Author: Dr Tan Poh Tin, Pead at Tan Children and Family Clinic
No 2, Lot 7879, Green Height, Airport Road
Tel: 082-572020

If you are looking for a concise reference book with evidence based, up to date and reliable answers to your medical concern, this book is for you. A child is not like a little adult. Young children cannot tell you what is wrong with them. in infant even the simplest illness can become rapidly or irreversibly life threatening if treatment is delayed or inappropriately administered. with this handbook, new parents can quickly learn to recognize the medical conditions that commonly affect children and know when to see a doctor about it.

I strongly recommend this book to all parents especially new mom and is complete book contain very precise and concise information about baby such as immunization, breast and bottle feeding, disease, milestones etc.......I bought this book during our first visit to Dr. Tan clinic for Vish Vish monthly check up. (1 month).....I appointed her as Vish Vish personal paed ....I really satisfied with her service....very friendly....And here I would like to say million thank to Mommy Joan Clair for her recommendation to patronize Dr. Tan services...she also Ava personal u dear....later i belanja u mkn if got the time...

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Teresa said...

Free Advertisement for Dr. Tan. Thanks Agnes will go and grap one soonest!