Sunday, December 6, 2009



Honey, below are 4th month milestones that u have achieved....proud of u darling...keep it up...

1. Pull out tongue.....(u will imitate mummy if u saw mummy pull out tongue...u observe and focus on what mummy doing only then u will imitate...but depending on ur mood....actually u start did this when u are 3 months old)

2. Scream out loud/with all ur heart....(u start to scream out loud last saturday 5/12/2009...really loud as compare with before...we went to Boulevard and so sudden u screamed many times...maybe u just know u can scream that loud and testing on it...ha.ha really funny)

3. Tantrum .....(maybe u inherited this from mummy that what daddy say...suka mengamuk...previous months not that bad but this month....fuh....if mummy take few minutes to prepare ur milk....mummy took off ur clothes while u busy playing with ur rattle....etc....for sure u will turn ur gear 5 engine)

4. Start to develop Separation Anxiety/More Selective (since u start to recognize people u start to develop separation anxiety/more selective.....if someone cuddle u and mummy is there at the same time u will crying with ur eyes looking at mummy...this olso happen when u are cuddle by daddy....but if u didnt see mummy then it will be ok....another funny thing is u loves to be cuddled by young female but not "old people"...u seems choosy and selective...mummy still remember when mummy aunty cum ur grandma wanna cuddled u ....before she even touch u ...u automatically crying...but when mummy cousin cuddle u, ur smile bloom...aduh kecil kecil dh memilih)

5. Lullaby (amazingly after watching ur nursery rhyme CD u will imitate the song using ur own language...mummy did record it and will upload here later....)

6. Teething (mummy not really sure actually but u show all the symptom of teething...u drooling alot and biting here and there)

7. Sit momentarily without support (in previous month u can do sitting prawn but at this month u can sit momentarily without support...mummy loves to see this...)

8. Grasping almost anything tightly (Grasping rattle toys, hair, clothes...anything that u can reach)

9. Rolls over from both direction (Mummy really scared of this...scared if u fall down from bed...)

Weight: 6.2 kg (increase 600g)
Length: 66 cm

With Love
Mummy & Daddy

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Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

congratulations prince!u are growing up!n ur mommy daddy are getting older!huhuuhuhu