Sunday, December 20, 2009


Darling Vish...mummy & daddy had planned to build our new home in the near future....combination of mummy "brilliant" idea and daddy "talented" engineering with loves and we are still looking for the best location and land to built our dream home.... but one for sure the concept and decoration (interior and exterior) must be English Cottege/country..haha mummy fav...daddy just say okay....So now we are really busy doing the survey...see the land owner, developer, contractor to get the quotation and will choose the one that interest us most....daddy said do not rushing...this is the biggest decision we ever with buying house that we are staying now....

First survey...mummy went to Borneo Highland head office to get explanation about their property and found the place very amazing but quite far from Kuching City....about one hour..very beautiful...surrounded by mountain and hills...oh mummy really loves the land lot and the developer will built ur dream house that what they told...

roughly our plans for our new home are (but dear this is not fix will be changing from times to times...he.he..depending on situation):

5 rooms....3 upstairs 2 downstairswith attach toilet/bathroom
2 living rooms
1 watching room
1 wet kitchen 1 dry kitchen
1 dining room
1 karaoke/entertainment room
1 library/study room
swimming pool
garden full with flower especially roses..

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