Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yummy sedapnyer mummy....vish loves it...want some more....

End of this January, Vish Vish will be six months old..moment that I have waited for finally have come....times for him to consume solid food!!! Actually he has shown interest on food since 4 months old, but I decided to wait until 6 months as recommended by his paed and after reading a few article, forum etc to ensure his digestion system is ready and mature enough to digest food...

WHO recommended no solid food to introduce for the first 6 of the concrete reason behind this to avoid food allergy....however it depend on baby herself....make sure he ready for solid food..there no need to rush just because others give their 3 months baby of my fren in FB giving his son rice cereal mix with milk when he was 2 weeks just because her baby ask for milk every single hour...
I'll introduce him solid food gradually, one by one and separate 3 to 4 day before introduce new food to ensure he do not develop food allergy and digestion problem....I was started giving him solid food when he was 5 months 3 weeks which is baby rusk as an introduction.....and yesterday my sister was cooked sweet potato for him..I mashed and mixed it with his Enfalac A+....he loves it very much and finished will be banana....

Although many people choose rice grain as babies non staple food as first food but I'll go for veggies and fruits first only then rice cereal...belows food lists I have plan for Vish (6-9 months) after taking into consideration his age, nutrition and functions. I try to avoid processed and commercial him only homemade, organic and natural food...All the foods below are unlikely to cause allergic..ha play safe...I only introduce meat and fish when he 9 months and above

RECOMMENDED FOOD FOR 6-9 MONTHS BABY (design for darling Vish)

Ultimate meal: Enfalac A+

Veggies: Sweet potato, white potato, pumkin, baby carrot, brocolli, cauliflower

Fruits: Banana, Apple, Avocado, Raisin, Pear,
Grain: Brown Rice (I opt for brown instead of white because of it about this when Vish start to consume it), oatmeal and barley
Other: Baby Rusk (Made from rice), Elken Spirulina

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