Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today is the first time Vish get fever....pity mummy handsome boy...tonsil inflamation and minor fever (37c)....we only realize he got fever at 5am this morning coz lastnite he as usuall very active boy...his head and body quite "hot" and he never experienced it before even during injection and teething he is in good health...luckily he still sleep soundly just that he frequently wake up...this morning daddy and mummy quickly send vish to paed Dr.Siew at Kuching Specialist...Dr. Siew told tonsil inflamation due to bacteria infection, infected from objects he put inside his mouth...(Vish is very mouth object..anything everything goes into his mouth..handphone, toys, books, remote control etc)...besides that it also due to over expose to air cond..(probably....he just can't comfortable without air cond)....

Although sick he still active and eat as usual..Luckily vish is very fast recover....THANKS GOD....after taking medicine (fever syrup and oral medicine) he is okay..less than 8 hours his fever is gone..although certain time the temperature raise again but then again ...strong boy......mummy really worry just now you so much darling....mummy will take care of you....

Mommies just wanna share my tips how to treat when our baby is having fever e before see the paed
  1. Wipe his body with warm towel to reduce the heat
  2. Give him drink more
  3. Put kool fever on his forehead
  4. Don't wear clothes to thick...
  5. Apply infant diet therapy (will tell more in other entry...)..remember foods can heal

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