Monday, April 19, 2010


Oh mummy just loves collecting milk bottles from different types of brands....Avent, Dr.Brown, Nuby, Breastflow, Disney, Pureen, Chelsea....soon mummy going to get Evenflo and Tomme Vish Vish has 60 milk bottles....hopefully before he 1 year old it will reach 100 bottles....

Since newborn Vish has use Disney brand...mummy choose for sure BPA Free made from PP (same materials as Avent bottle)....and he get use with it....

Avent bottle electric steamer but mummy prefer sterilizing tablets..

Chelsea bottle...this is for collection only..used only 2 to 3 times ....coz non BPA Free..specially ordered from Chelsea megastore..

Nuby BPA Free...vish not really like the teat coz a bit hard for him to suck

Bottle that he has been used when he was newborn to 2 months....pureen non BPA Free was given by some frens.....oh ya 2nd row is pureen gold brand (BPA Free made from tritan and same price as Nuby)...

Disney Bottle BPA Free...Vish started using this bottle since newborn...coz before mummy adores pooh design..everything is pooh including bottle...among all bottles Vish like this the most

Dr.Brown BPA Free...anti colic..this is the only brand that claimed itself able to retain vitamins A, C, E (of course they did a research)..

Breast flow BPA Free...Vish haven't try this bottle....soon..

Avent BPA Free...anti colic...very popular brand among Malaysian mom..but before 2008 Avent still got BPA....Avent has many types (Airflex, Natural flow, BPA Free, anticolic..) also has non BPA Free which is clear in colour...the one that a bit blur and yellowish colour is BPA check before u label first...

Cupboard full with all feeding accessories, formula and biscuits

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