Sunday, April 25, 2010


I wonder why our Asian people adores fair skin very much..most of beauty product in the market are whitening & lighting purposes. I ever read in India when a baby was born , relatives are going to ask whether a baby is a boy? and another question is he fair?....those who are fair in India will get special attention espc in Northern (Hindustan) Gosh...discrimination...even in Western they discriminate dark for many we all are the same...dark or fair...the most important is heart...honestly i didn't mean to unthankful for having fair skin but i prefer tanned like JLO...when i was form 5 i ever bought tan cream but unfortunetaly not works...why? coz if u are fair u easily get sunburn...when u have pimple or mos bite people can see from far...tan is sexy to me...

Many people asking me with this kind of question "WOW UR BABY VERY FAIR...EVEN WE CAN SEE HIS NERVE...FURTHERMORE IT VERY CLEAR AND SMOOTH..WHAT DO U EAT DURING PREGNANT? ....i just smile and answer "MAYBE BECOZ ME AND HIS DADDY ALSO FAIR...GENETIC..."...but there are a few answer beneath...which i am going to reveal in this entry...Thanks God vish born with very fair pinkish complexion....since newborn he never have skin problem such as nappy rash except once in his face when he was 1 months becoz of hot jaundice...mosquito marks olso easily gone for few days without leaving i share my tips...before that undeniable genetic is the main contribution but there other factors which can be considered if ur...i ever saw both parent are dark but their child very fair...wonder?

1. Drink soya bean (I hate soya bean when i was pregnant...i prefer milo & anmum...)
2. Drink coconut juice (I love this....not only baby skin is fair but clean and clear)
3. Bath him/her with milk (haha..very difficult...easy just use J&J milk bath..settle...)
4. Eat a lot of fruits and veges (I really practice this...)


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