Monday, June 21, 2010


This 2010 birthday (23rd June 2010) will be the most special birthday to me.....first birthday as a mommy....unlike previous years this year will be more joyful and meaningful....blowing candle with our handsome and smart son....

In conjunction with my sweet 26 lets check out who am I aka Agnes aka Mommy Vish aka Mrs. Tangai

  1. I was born on 23rd June 1984 at 8.00pm at Betong Sarawak...with 2.9kg
  2. First daughter to Mr & Mrs. Kanyan Jiram and has one sister and two brothers after me
  3. Wife to Mr.Tangai and mommy to Little Travissh Aldrich
  4. Has a Diploma In Office Management and Technology (Secretarial Executive) and a Degree in Business Administration (Hons) (Marketing) with First Class Honour Degree
  5. Currently doing Master of Science In Business Administration (by research) at UiTM (full sponsorship from Young Lecturer Scheme TPM and Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia KPTM)
  6. Plan to get my PhD at the age of 30
  7. Very dedicated and commited to family, career and study
  8. Loves teaching/lecturing profession
  9. Loves pink, white, green and yellow colour
  10. Very sensitive
  11. Bad temper & easily get mad
  12. Can't live without big amount of $$$$$$$
  13. Crazy for English country home decor
  14. Very fussy and known as "perfectionist"
  15. Loves eating especially Lamb Chop, Satay, Laksa
  16. Loves travel all over places...
  17. Hates lizard, cockroach and earthworm v.much
  18. Crazy about all baby matters (after the birth of our son)
  19. Shopaholic
  20. Not really like make up (most of the time prefer natural beauty)


MRS. K said...

hepy besday yayang!

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

hppy blated bday dear...!!!

*bagus nye u sambung master & phd...btw, same course diploma tu ngan i ..dip in je lain..i nye Corp admin..