Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE SUPERHERO.....his daily activities

Explore the whole mini wonderland

Mommy can you spot me?

His hobbies since 7 getting experts with slide...

Trying to reach frog.

Biting almost anything.

Asking mommy to on his CD...

Another hobbies...pushing his bike

He is very active ever since he was a baby....never sit still..need to struggle to wear him diaper and clothes....very hard to see him sitting down.he no longer can sit on his home baby chair....most of the time he loves to move here and there...climbing, crawling, walking etc....but mommy and daddy really proud of him....despite his activeness he is very clever boy....he know most of his body part, speak a few words, know the functions, friendly, know most of actions (clapping hand, dancing, shaking head, flying kiss, kiss, pointing etc) and even read a few words....(thanks to Your Baby Can Read and Little Reader)

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