Sunday, November 28, 2010


Mommy is really proud as Travissh is a fast talker & fast learner...very easy to teach him...indeed he s very talkactive..he just loves talking although his foreign language no one understand...he simply can "talk" with strangers at the shopping mall , garden, park etc....not to say that i'm intend to praise or over exaggerate my son but it s the truth...nothing wrong if a mother say a good thing about their is a "prayer"..hence i never miss to say "HANDSOME CLEVER BOY" everyday..coz i believe God will hear and grant my wish...

He pronounce quite a number of words at 1 year..understand both english and Iban very well...good imitator don't ever say "taboo" words when he around...amazingly..some of words that never come across to mommy mind which he able to say it out clearly..if we ask what is your name..he will answer "VISH" accompany with his cheeky are his vocabs at 15 months...some mommy might miss it out and will continue to update for him to read in the future..

many people asking me how do i teach vish to way is easy ..i talk a lot with him like an adult...i let him learn through play...i never force him to "read" the book...once he feel bored we will stop...i let him explore as much as he can...i bought a lot of books & electronic devices & educational CD as his references but not merely rely on it as a method of to one is more important...he can imitate & mimic us...

PERSONS...he recognize most of people surround him...and suprisingly even know how to differentiate who is suppose to be called nenek, aunty, kakak and uncle if he saw people outside or in tv....but funny thing is he address toddler & kid as "baby"

1. Daddy 2. Mommy 3. Ucle (Uncle) 4. Auty (Aunty) 5. Nenek 6. Akik 7. Kakak 8. Adik 9. Mak 10. Baby 11. Vish (his own name) 12. Cole (his friend name)

ANIMAL..he loves animal so much and reconize most of common animal...thanks to Baby Einstein CD & Flash Card & few of books...he even know how to make sound..however till today he can't say "CAT"...

1. Duck 2. Dog 3. Toter (Otter) 4. Cow 5. Pepen (Elephant) 6. Pig 7.Bird 8. Fish 9. Mose (Mouse) 10. Pooh


1. Ball 2. wower (flower) 3. mbella (umbrella) 4. shoe 5. car 6. book 7. nenen

BODY PART..he knows most of his common body part & say it loud..pointing at it when ask to do so

1. Teeth 2. Nose 3. Eyes 4. Mouth 5. Toes 6. Dang (Tounge)


1. No (now loves saying oh no if we take something from his hand) 2. Yes (say yes then nod his head 3. Ka 4. Ngai (enggai) 5. Tok 6. Kiss 7. Hepy (Happy) 8. Nice 9. Udah 10. Bath 11. Bye bye..(before he use to just wave to sign bye2 but now he loves saying bye bye) 12. Hello (holding phone pretend to answer call) 13. Bau 14. Aram 15. Labuh 16. Ka (when he wants something)

ABC/123...He can pronounce A-E & 1-5...everynite before going to bed we give him chance to climb the staircase & he will counting the staircase 1-3 over n over again..once he reach upstairs he will clap hand & laugh...
1. A, B, C, D, E
2. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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