Monday, April 18, 2011

MY HOMEMADE SCRUB...rice+honey+salt+curcuma

Im a kind of very fussy and meticulous person particularly what beauty product i "feed" my skin....the concern is chemical ingredients added by manufacturer to the product....we ever heard how hidroqunion (to whiten skin) can harm the skin and causes s so scary to me although to others it might not an issue....normally before buying shampoo, facial wash, lotion, mosturizer etc i will read the label throughly...sometimes i googled on the ingredients they use...i believe in natural beauty...indeed i love seeing genuine beauty ....very light and simple make up...just nice...

....ok enough lets back to topic home made sure some of us might ever make their own scrub or bedak for me very seldom i buy ready made scrub in the market...unless im really2 busy....i just love my homemade scrub...100% safe made from natural, pure ingredients....and to make it as easy as much more better than those in the market....the ingredients also readily available in our kitchen....RICE (BERAS) + HONEY+ SALT+CURCUMA=BEAUTIFUL SOFT SUPPLE SKIN....i have been practice it since secondary school...its really try if u don't believe...just blend rice (beras)+honey+salt+ a bit of curcuma together...tpi jangan halus sgt...biar rasa scrubnya...then before bath just apply on ur face and body..wait for 15 minutes then wash....u will feel ur skin as soft as baby....ok lets me sum up the ingredients, how to make and how to apply

Key Ingredients
1. RICE ( to lighten, whiten and soften skin)
2. HONEY ( make ur skin supple and young)
3. SALT ( act as antiseptic to kill the less pimple)
4. CURCUMA (known as temulawak...not to much just a bit...utk menyerikan muka)

How to make
Just blend all the ingredients together to make scrub

How to apply
Apply all over your body..wait until 15 minutes before washing then use body shampoo as usual...

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