Thursday, June 23, 2011

MOMMY 27TH BIRTHDAY BLAST @ Pullman Hotel & Suites

The birthday princess

Vish loves prawn

Chocolate fountain


My favourite...yummy

Overall taste of the food is not bad..variety of choices..but still thumb up for Aurora Court @ MP and Orchird Garden @ Grand Magherita...

The favourite Estee Lauder Makeup Set & Sensuous perfume...Daddy give one more set next month ok?

The card & American chocolate cake

Whose birthday is this handsome? Vish is take over mommy position

Mommy handsome boy


dellyne said...

Blessed & very happy birthday to you.

dellyne said...

Blessed & happy birthday to you.
Good birthday reso. save save less spending hehehehe..

I forgoten to set my 28th birthday reso ... to be mommy wahahaha :)