Monday, March 5, 2012

VACATION YEAR END 2012: SINGAPORE...Universal Studios

 Three of us with Charlie Chaplin

 This is a must gift...ahakzzz...another bear collection for me..

Last December we were having our great fun at Singapore. One whole day enjoying at Universal Studios...Superb..Unfortunetly Mr.Vish was having stomachace and he a bit moody that day....Best thing we get the chance to meet Charlie Chaplin & taking photo....the Q is super long but luckily mommy managed to...Mommy was so eagered to go inside the Ancient Egypt session but so scared to go alone as daddy need to look after vish (kids not allowed)....We will be back to Singapore this Friday for vacation...yahooo


mamamiera said...

hi mummy vish yg always sweet..
(mkn collagen eh ;-p)
mane picca vish2 yg encem tu..?

dellyne said...

hello.. i think mummy vish is busy and again abandoned her blog hehe kidding.

blog walking..