Tuesday, October 13, 2009


According to the experts....pead....infant massage creates relaxation through your babies whole body. It is a form of touch that will help you develop a relationship with each of your babies and will help you understand them and their individual needs better. As your new born slowly begin to uncurl from their squished up little fetal positions, massaging them will help you to stretch out their little muscles and joints and help give their movements some balance and co-ordination. It helps to prepare their bodies for movement and for relaxation. It helps to stimulate the circulatory system and can help with regulating the heart rate, breathing and your babies digestive system.

Realizing the important of infant massage I did it on Vish Vish after his bathtime and before bedtime..I start with his feets....then legs...arms....chest....tummy (I LUV U)...face and finally back...he loves the whole massage time but a bit uncomfortable when come to face and arm....probably because he cant move his arm..... I use Johnson Baby Bedtime Oil....it proven can make ur baby sleep better....while massaging I will communicate with him (singing and talking) and he will reply with his baby talk...laugh and smile....it is true massage create strong bond between mom and baby....Look at his photos below.....

Face massage Arm massage
Chest massage
Feet and leg massage

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