Tuesday, October 13, 2009


His favourite books....ABC and 123....

Infants are amazing; their brains are changing at lightning speed and these positive developmental changes are enhanced through infants' interaction with their environment. During this important time, it is essential that the infant be exposed to appropriate levels of stimulation - hence the term infant stimulation. By appropriate levels of stimulation, we mean that the stimulation should not overwhelm the infant or under-engage the infant, and that the stimulation should be oriented at supporting the infant's ongoing development. Infant stimulation is especially critical for infants who are born at high risk due to biological or environmental issues, or those infants with diagnosed disabilities. Stimulation can come in many forms; one type of intervention is reading. Research has consistently supported the importance of reading to children. Reading supports both short-term developmental goals and later school performance. In fact, reading is one of the best things a parent can do for his or her child.

It is never too early to start reading; even infants who are hospitalized due to a difficult birth can benefit from reading. The following information is provided through the Baby Awareness and Support through Interactive Computer Systems (BASICS) program:

  • Families should start reading early and continue to use reading within the family routine. Regular reading times can start even while the infant is in the hospital.
  • Communication patterns develop very early, even before the child speaks his or her first word. Reading can support the development of good communication patterns.
  • Reading has other benefits for the infant as well. Reading can give the infant practice in looking towards the parent's face and as the baby gets older, in finding the reader's voice (locating the source of sound). As the child gets older, reading continues to support vocabulary development, attentions span, following simple requests, interacting with friends and family, and much more.

BASICS gives reading tips and here are just a few:

  • The parent's voice is familiar to the baby; thus reading can be a comforting family activity even in the hospital.
  • Even chronically ill infants or infants with diagnosed clinical or developmental conditions benefit from reading. Listening to a story can be a soothing activity.
  • Don't be afraid to read the same books over and over again to the infant; this repetition will support familiarity and recognition by the infant.
  • If the family has to be away from their baby, suggest to them that they read stories into a tape recorder. Hospital staff may then play the tape over and over for the infant.

Reading should not stop with the infant's hospital discharge; reading is a fun activity that should be built into the family's regular routine.

I spend my time reading to Vish Vish at least twice a day...approximately one hour perday or even more depend on his interest..before he going to bed and when he is sleeping (sound weird.....baby can hear and store the info in his head when u reading while they are sleeping).....since I am working so that is the only time I have....(fully utilize my time with him after back from work) I have a few collection of books for Vish Vish including bedtime story...ABC...123...flash card...which I bought before and after he was born....I even start reading to him when he still in my womb....and now he attract to the pictures and colour of his book....make him smile and laugh...even he can't grab it yet but I know he enjoys....I wish it will create a habit to him...do not misunderstood...I don't have the intention to force him to become book worm.....oh I pray he can read and write as early as possible...

*******so mommies and daddies do not too calculative spending part of ur income buying books for little one...buy at least one or two a month...by one year u will see ur create mini library...investment for future success....he.he.**********


Joan Clair said...

Babe, have u check out the books for baby? the soft book? ulih sida megai, coz 1st step to read is to hold the book.

Agnes said...

babe bedau aku agai toy r us...lalu ndai masa...arinya agai d spring sempat agai MPH aja...ila dah vish besai mimit sama kitai bejalai babe ngiga brg ke sida