Monday, January 31, 2011


Times fly really fast....Travissh now is 18 months or 1 yr 6 months....another 6 months for him to reach 2 years old....mommy miss his babyhood...nothing much to update at 18 months as he has reach all the milestones....getting more and more smart and intelligent....

1. Recognize and say most of common animal especially animal in the jungle and farm and a few animal in the sea/river..thanks to baby einstein CD and flash card.
2. Recognize and say most of his body parts....
3. Loves humming and dancing
4. Counting 1-10 ...reading A-E....very impressive progress
5. Always forcing mommy going to town by saying "mommy asar" means mommy lets go to town
6. Very talkactive as usual
7. Pronounce almost 100 or more words....he is fast talker indeed
8. His favourite CD..YBCR...Baby Einstein....Brainy Baby...but he do not favour cartoon except for Kampong Boy
9. Always try to attract people attention
10. Enjoy riding his favourite bike..Injusa
11. Loves carrying his favourite car backpack
12. Know to wear his own shoe...although not perfectly fit his feet..
13 . His favourite song is head shoulder knee and toes ...together witht the action
14. His favourite activity is taking bath....bath all the time
15. Big fan of Car Disney brand and Thomas & Friends
16. Very friendly and likes to say hello to everyone...
17. Very bad temper

17 months photo...

He loves carrying his favourite car backpack...

With his favourite bikes....

Overjoy.....going to town..

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