Sunday, March 6, 2011


Lately I'm exteremly busy....catch up with my master thesis, manage my king and prince and doing all the house chores at the same times...being a wife, mommy, carrier woman and student at the same time is not as easy as I thought...good time management is highly needed....24 hours seems not enough at all...worst come to worst Travissh's babysitter has mommy need to be "bibik" while looking for the new one.....while doing my work i let Travissh watching his favourite CD Baby Einstein and YBCR....I olso let him play as much as he want at the play room....I just don't care if he were to make the room messy as long I still have even a little time to update my thesis....the work is getting more and tougher as im most close to the real survey....3 years leaving university without bother about research then have to review it again....really make my brain malfunction....luckily i did not take a risk doing straight to PHD....perhaps after this i will not update my blog as usual....time seem envy me...ahaks...t

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