Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Smart Reader ®
Smart Reader Kids Junior ®
Smart Reader Kids Junior® programme provides a headstart for toddlers stepping into the world of education. As part of the unique Smart Reader Kids Junior® programme, toddlers between the ages 15 months and three years are exposed to speech and social skills; two areas that are of particular importance in early childhood development. These are achieved using multiple modes of delivery, all of which have been tested and proven to sustain a child’s interest and attention. The teaching methodology employs music, songs, art, craft and play activities.

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Dear Travissh

At 18 months you are officially become a student of SMART READER JUNIOR...after our babysitter has resigned mommy took the responsibility to babysit u until we decided to enroll you at playschool...here you not only "study" but also also able to develop your social, speech and language skill...ultimately you are learning mandarin here dear...ilak ulih meh betawar ngau cina ke mommy ok...

Although you are fluent in English and Iban, although mommy has taught you Japanese and French but it is not enough...although at home mommy has taught you reading & learning using brillkid software, Baby Einstein Series, Peter & Jane, Leapfrog, CrocoPenYBCR,etc but learning with friends at school will be more exciting dear....although you have mastered counting 1-10, A-Z but the teacher here will guide you how to write....indeed sometimes mommy is so busy ...

First day at school you are sleeping while others are studying....but 2-3 days you start to get use with the timetable.....you also a bit crumpy at first but then everything is so fine..you love being at school...you love making friends..although you are one of the youngest but most talkactive and playful....teacher told you are very fast learner...mommy so proud to have very smart son.....make ur bright way to be a future PILOT...


mommyYen said...

Nes..dini smart reader tok..?ku pun ka start ngiga playskul utk Yen ku..

Agnes Kanyan @ Mummy Vish said...

babe berapa umur yen diatu? nti ya below 3 i would reccomend smart reader junior. smart reader junior bc ba jalan song aja ba sarawak...tpi nti yen 3yrs n above ya ulih terus agai smart reader kid..smart reader kid myuh branches ba kuching...ba batu kawah asaiku bc nti nda salah....smart reader is one of the most well establish playschool/kindergarten in msia...best ya bc ngajar mandarin sekali..